Azure Loadbalancer Fundamentals(1/3)

1. What is a Loadbalancer ?

Loadbalancing Concept
Components of a Loadbalancer
Public vs Internal Loadbalancer
Loadbalancer and Backend Pools-Scoping-VNET and regions

-Frontend IP and Loadbalancer itself belong to a region (must be same region)

-Loadbalancer and Backend Pool are tied to a single region and a single vnet

Loadbalancer and Backend Pool must have the same region and the same vnet.

-All VMs in single pool belong to same region and same virtual network

7. For permitting main inbound traffic, Where are NSGs configured for Classic Loadbalancers (Standard SKU), Is it done at LB level or backend pool VM level ie at each VM or subnet?

8. What are few different types of Loadbalancers offered by Azure which operate at different layers of the OSI model/ have region vs global scope?

Application Gateway, Front Door, Load Balancer and Traffic Manager

Azure LoadBalancing Options
Path based Loadbalancing with L7 Loadbalancer



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