Azure Loadbalancer Fundamentals, How to use NSGs with Azure Classic Loadbalancer?(2/3)

1. What are the two main SKU options in Classic LoadBalancer /Differences between ‘Basic’ and ‘Standard’ SKU of the Classic Loadbalancer?

Standard vs Basic Loadbalancer in Azure

2. What are the 2 ways of Configuring the Backend Pool/attaching VMs to the Pool?

Default rule in every NSG in Azure allowing Health Probe traffic inbound into a VM(from a Loadbalancer)
LoadBalancer Traffic Flow In Azure(Public Classic Loadbalancer)

This is the most important point and forms the basis for NSG rule creation on backend VMs(NIC or Subnet level). The above talks about source IP,source port,destination IP and destination port ,the 4 vital components in a NSG rule.

Creating new NSG for the Webservers(Backend VMs)
Azure Classic LB and NSGs applied at Backend Pool VMs(Subnet Level)



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