Azure Loadbalancer Fundamentals, How to use NSGs with Azure Classic Loadbalancer?(2/3)

1. What are the two main SKU options in Classic LoadBalancer /Differences between ‘Basic’ and ‘Standard’ SKU of the Classic Loadbalancer?


Standard vs Basic Loadbalancer in Azure

2. What are the 2 ways of Configuring the Backend Pool/attaching VMs to the Pool?

There are two ways of configuring(attaching VMs to) a backend pool:
i. Network Interface Card (NIC)
ii. IP address and Virtual Network (VNET) Resource ID

3. (Loadbalancer’s backend pool) Can the same VM belong to 2 Loadbalancer Pools?

A VM can belong to one Internal LB’s backend pool and one External LB’s backend pool ;but not to 2 pools of same LB.

Default rule in every NSG in Azure allowing Health Probe traffic inbound into a VM(from a Loadbalancer)
LoadBalancer Traffic Flow In Azure(Public Classic Loadbalancer)
Creating new NSG for the Webservers(Backend VMs)
Azure Classic LB and NSGs applied at Backend Pool VMs(Subnet Level)



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