Never buy a Udemy course at full price

Aditya Garg
2 min readMay 14, 2021

Hello folks!

3 main ways to save over 93 percent on the listed price of a Udemy course:

  1. Search for Udemy coupon codes or affiliate links thru google.


2.Search for coupon discounts by Instructor on Google(sometimes listed in Udemy course description itself).

Or click on course link from their official website to avail affiliate discounts.


Clicking on a course from (Azure)

Clicking on a course from (AWS) (GCP)

Instructors may list their codes on other platforms(a simple google search reveals this) :

3.Finally,simply opening Udemy in incognito mode may reveal discounts(every 10 days they have these sales with 95 percent off on courses).

You may reach out to them here if the discounts seem to disappear when you login to your account(looks like a marketing/revenue trick).

Happy Learning!!



Aditya Garg

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