Network Security Groups in Azure — The Fundamentals , Which Direction to Apply Rules, What would source and target ports be, Does return reply traffic need to be explicitly permitted(1/3) ?

Can I have multiple Network Security Groups per NIC/subnet?

No,It is not possible to have multiple NSGs linked to a single object.

NSGs(Network Security Groups) are used to filter network traffic to and from Azure resources
INBOUND rules in NSG
NSG Rules are evaluated by priority,using the 5 tuple information
NSG Inbound and Outbound Rules
Complete Details on a NSG Rule
Illustration - NSG Evaluation
NSGs and Outbound Traffic from a VM - NIC and Subnet Levels
NSGs and Inbound Traffic to VM - Subnet and NIC Levels
NSG Constraints
NSG — Communication between Subnets in same VNET is allowed by default



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